Mesa CZ office working person

Success is built on people

Mesa Parts build on mutual commitment and efficiency - global competition demands the best from everybody.
Our people are self-reliant and ready to take on responsibility. They always act with an eye on the total context of the company. Flat hierarchies, direct channels of communication and teamwork make Mesa Parts a powerful and efficient player.

Better performance through job satisfaction
Motivation and job satisfaction go hand in hand. Mesa Parts offer its people safe jobs with long-term perspectives and support in their development.

We support in-service qualification
Advanced in-service training offers and internal workshops enlarge and update our employees’ technical qualification and competence - and open up interesting career prospects.

School leavers taking up their first job have the opportunity to be trained and ultimately qualified in most clerical, commercial and IT vocations. Drawing on our close relations with universities, we also “head-hunt” young engineers.

Looking for a new job challenge?

We offer you new perspectives.
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