Precision for highly complex demands

Mesa Parts is at home in market segments defined by precision, innovation, economic efficiency and the reliable mapping and reproduction of large volume series.
We deliver precision and stability for the most complex of requirements. Our products are found in a wide range of different market segments, for instance in medical engineering, in heating and electrical engineering, in valve and sensor technology, and in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. And, of course, in mechanical engineering and among our automotive customers.

Partners in high-tech matters
Valve engineering demands the tightest of fits under extreme operating pressures and defined sealing tightness. The production of high-precision valve components is one of our competences. We supply parts for common rail injection systems, ABS, ESP, for hydraulics components, gear controls and damper systems.

Mobility begins on a small scale
The automotive sector is one of the focal points of our portfolio. Our partners manufacture innovative and central function systems for cars – we make parts and assemblies for steering or injection systems, for example.